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This page is a working document, outlining the work that you can help with on the wiki. The list is arranged in order of priority. Below the list is a further list of all pages that are tagged with the category "Work to be done".

Work already done[edit]

Number of Content pages 400 600 800 1 000 1 500
Date achieved Feb 2019
Total Editors 6
Active editors (last30 days) 4
Uploaded files 1 638
Edits per page 1.89
Pages unedited (12 months) 0

List of work required[edit]

  1. Convert all existing PDF files to text. For example:
  2. Improve appearance on mobile devices (RyanHultzer)
  3. Convert Scoutcraft Badges to use Template:Scoutcraft Badge

Nice to have ideas[edit]

  1. Statistics page with
    • Number of pages
    • Number of pictures
    • Size of files uploaded
    • Number of visitors (local vs. international)
    • Number of new unique visitors
    • Visitors per editor
    • New pages /day
    • Pages viewed/visitor

Pages that need work[edit]