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World Badge[edit]

World Scout badge.jpg

Scouts South Africa[edit]

SCOUTS South Africa badge.jpg South African Scout Association.svg

Regional badges[edit]

Meerkat badges[edit]

Meerkat Interest Badges[edit]

Meerkat Advancement Badges[edit]

Meerkat Challenge Badges[edit]

Cub badges[edit]

Silver Wolf[edit]

SilverWolf.png Green Paw - Awareness Challenge.png Yellow Paw - Community Challenge.png Blue Paw - Outdoor Challenge.png Red Paw - Aptitude Challenge.png

Gold Wolf[edit]

GoldWolf.png Caracal - Awareness Challenge.png Cheetah - Community Challenge.png Leopard - Outdoor Challenge.png Lion - Aptitude Challenge.png

Leaping Wolf[edit]


Link Badge[edit]

Link Badge.png

Cub Interest Badges[edit]

Scout badges[edit]

Advancement Badges (Entsha)[edit]

Level badges[edit]

Discoverer.png Traveller.png First Class.png

Theme badges[edit]

Springbok Scout Badge[edit]

Scoutcraft badges[edit]

Interest badges[edit]

Leadership training course badges[edit]

Challenge badges[edit]

Rover badges[edit]