Cub First Aid and Health Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

First Aid and Health Cub Interest Badge

(You must have passed your 10th birthday before you start this badge)

  1. Show that you clearly understand:
    • The limitations of your knowledge as a First Aider;
    • The importance of summoning adult help in the case of accidents.
    • The need to make sure that the area is safe for you, before you help someone else.
    • How to activate the Emergency Medical Services in your neighbourhood; including emergency phone numbers from a cell phone and a landline.
    • Why it is important to use rubber gloves or plastic bags when dealing with open wounds.
    • Be able to identify the items in a first aid kit and give an example of what you can use them for.
    • Show where the first aid kit can be found in the Scout hall/Pack meeting place.
    • Explain what CPR is and when it is used.
  2. Do the following:
    • Demonstrate how to control bleeding by direct pressure with the finger or hand using rubber gloves or plastic bags.
    • Demonstrate how to stop a nose bleed.
    • Demonstrate what to do if your clothes or another person’s clothes catch fire.
    • Demonstrate how to use your scarf for an arm sling and how to use it to make a bandage.
    • Demonstrate how to put someone who is unconscious/not responding, but is breathing, in the recovery position.
    • Demonstrate how to help someone who has burned their hand (e.g. on a kettle of water or a hobo-stove).
    • Explain two dangers to health of each of the following: smoking, drinking alcohol.

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