Hanking a rope

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Hanking (or coiling) is a way of storing a rope so that it doesn't get tangled with itself or other ropes.

Always pack your ropes away neatly. Look after your ropes and they will look after you.

For the Cub Outdoor Challenge - Knotting, Cubs have to learn two different ways of hanking a rope. For Silver Wolf they must know how to hank a short rope, and for Gold Wolf, they must know how to hank a long rope.

Hanking a short rope[edit]

To hank a short rope, fold the rope in half twice, make a loop and push the end through, like this:

Hank a short rope.png

Hanking a long rope[edit]

Hold the end of the rope in one hand, then by making loops, coil it on the same hand, twisting it carefully so that it lies limp. When you have nearly finished coiling the rope, take up one loop, pass it around the whole hank and back through the loops held in your hand. You can hang the rope up by this loop.

Hank a long rope.png