Pioneering Scoutcraft Badge

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Scouts and knot go hand in hand. So enjoy the great skill of knot tying and learn about the great projects you can build. Great ideas for having fun with your patrol or troop.

Badge requirements[edit]

Pioneering Scoutcraft Badge
  1. Whip the ends of 3 ropes using
    1. West Country whipping;
    2. Sailmaker's whipping;
    3. Simple whipping.
  2. Using the ropes you have whipped, tie the following knots and demonstrate their uses:
  3. Tie the following knots in nylon filament (fishing line):
    • blood knot;
    • fisherman's knot
    • surgeon knot.
  4. Make the following lashings with a high degree of efficiency, and know the uses of each:
  5. Make the following splices in a rope with a diameter of at least 12mm
    1. back splice;
    2. eye splice;
    3. docker's splice;
    4. short splice.
  6. Construct two of the following projects, working on your own:
    1. camp table or dresser using lashings;
    2. flagpole at least 5m high using round lashings;
    3. model bridge (monkey bridge or trestle bridge);
    4. raft to carry two persons. Demonstrate it on water;
    5. Scout transporter or haymaker bridge.
  7. Demonstrate the following 3 types of holdfasts, and know which conditions each is best suited for
    1. deadman anchorage;
    2. 3-2-1 holdfast;
    3. log and picket.

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