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Crew Star Awards[edit]

Award levels[edit]

  • Participation Award: 0-7 Aspects achieved
  • Bronze Award: 8-11 Aspects achieved
  • Silver Award: 12-13 Aspects achieved
  • Gold Award: 14 Aspects achieved


  1. Outdoors: The Crew has organised and participated in at least 4 outdoor activities during the year.
  2. Regional Participation: At least 50% of the Crew have participated in at least 2 Regional Rover events or joint meetings with other crews during the year.
  3. Group/District Participation At least 50% of the Cree have participated in 1 group (group crews) or district (district crews) event during the year
  4. Service - to self: At least 25% of Crew have earned a Rover Award, Challenge Award or Wood Badge during the year. (Including non-Scouting training)
  5. Service - to Scouting: 100% of Crew have participated in at least 2 Scouting services during the year. E.g. help at Troop/Pack meeting, Regional or District course, competition, camp. NOTE: This may include regular service as a warranted Scouter.
  6. Service - to community: At least 75% of the Crew have done community service as a Rover during the year.
    • Bronze - 8 hours
    • Silver - 10 hours
    • Gold - 12 hours
  7. Social: At least 75% of the Crew have participated in at least 2 Crew social activities during the year.
  8. Retention: At least 75% of Rovers on last year's census remained in the Crew at this year's census.
  9. Recruitment plan: The Crew has a long term recruiting plan, including visits to Troops and a means of identifying possible recruits.
  10. Recruitment: At least 1 new Rover was recruited during the year.
  11. Number of Rovers: At least 6 Rovers in the Crew.
  12. Records - program: During the year, the following records were maintained:
    • Year-at-a-glance programme, including:
      • Crew events
      • Regional Rover events
      • Group and/or District events
  13. Records - Log: Logbook of Service and other activities
  14. Records - Financial and Group Registration: The Crew has submitted a group registration and census return(directly for independent Crews, or as part of a group return for group Crews)

Application form[edit]