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Competitions are a fun way for Cubs, Scouts and Rovers to test their skills, meet others, and build camaraderie.

National Competitions[edit]

HV Marsh Award for Scout Journalism[edit]

The HV Marsh Award is a Group award for the best Group publication.

Western Cape Competitions[edit]

Group Competitions[edit]

The Tonkin Trophy[edit]

The Tonkin Trophy is a competition that takes into account successes in all branches of a Scout Group: Cubs, Scouts and Rovers.

Cub Competitions[edit]

Edward Shield[edit]

The Edward Shield is an annual event for Cubs from all over the Western Cape. There are many different activities, such as making drums, colouring the South African flag, knots, songs, etc.

Gallant Shield[edit]

Scout Competitions[edit]

The Rayner Trophy[edit]

The The Rayner Trophy is a senior Scout overnight hiking competition.

Gordon Shield[edit]

The Gordon Shield is a Regional Scout camping competition.

The Upton Shield[edit]

The Upton Shield is a junior hiking competition.

The Quinn Trophy[edit]

The Quinn Trophy is a fun Scouting competition involving the whole family.

The Cape Times Cross Country Competition[edit]



Kon-Tiki is a fun competition where Scouts build rafts and sleep on them for 24 hours.
Kontiki Facebook Page

Rover Competitions[edit]

Hawkeye Trophy[edit]

The Hawkeye Trophy is the main competition for Rovers in the Western Cape.

Gauteng Competitions[edit]

This is the beginning of a list of Gauteng Events