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22/5/1912 – 21/11/1994

A Tribute from Charles Morgan - A Scout to his Scouter[edit]

I first met Eric Impie Bryant in April 1934 when I was invested as a Cub with the newly formed 4th Observatory Pack.

In 1936 I was invested as a Scout by Impie who was the then Scout¬master. Impie later became the Group Scoutmaster. In later years he was District Commissioner for the Pinelands Area and then Assis¬tant Area Commissioner, Cape Western Area.

Our Troop meetings were worthwhile and enjoyable; they were instructive and a variety of games were always included in the programmes. The occasional wide game on the slopes of Devil's Peak on a Friday evening proved to be one of the highlights of the Troop meetings. Saturday afternoon meetings were also not unusual at the time with the OUT in Scouting being used to its fullest potential. The pulling of the loaded Trek Cart from Stellenbosch station to our annual camp also prepared us for the time of our lives to follow.

The Second World War was just a few years away and the Scouting experience gained held us in good stead, not only in the disciplined situations encountered in the forces, but later in civilian life as well.

Impie attended most World Jamborees from the 1930's to the 1980's, he was very much involved in Scout Shows and for many years was a member of the Area Training Team.

He was Chief Judge of the Gordon’s Shield Competition for Scouts on several occasions.

For more than 18 years, after his retirement, he was actively involved as Area Treasurer and Manager of the Scout Shop in Bree Street, Cape Town. He attended the National Senior Scout Adventures and was frequently the honorary treasurer at these events.

His services, at his request, was entirely voluntary, and he gave always of his very best and the gap left by him will be difficult, if ever, to bridge in the years to come.

He was appointed Commissioner Emeritus in October 1992, having served Scouting for almost 70 years. He was awarded the Order of the Silver Springbok in 1980 in recognition of exceptional service to Scouting in South Africa.

Impie was called to Higher Service on the 21 November 1994.

A Tribute from Frank ‘Kudu’ Quinn[edit]

One evening in the 1930's, Theo Daley brought a young fellow to my Troop meeting at Mowbray and introduced him. He was Eric Bryant, who was going to start a Troop at the Observatory Methodist Church. This was the beginning of an Association which lasted until his final illness.

He chose the Scout name of Impala, which was shortened, to ‘Impie’. Many people thought that an Impie was a Zulu army, but it wasn't.

In a long Scouting career Impie touched Scouting at many points. He was firstly a Scouter, and many of the boys in his Troop became his friends for life. As a Scouter, and later as a Commissioner, he lived the Scout Law and Scout Ideals. In Dr Dommisse's time he was associated with the Scouters' Parliament. He was a member of the Training Team.

He was my right hand man in the Cape Western Scout Show. Even at the time of the last Scout Show when he was living in Pretoria, he made a special trip to Cape Town to make a brief appearance. He took part in several International Jamborees. .

His final illness, when he lay paralysed was a tragedy for one so active and lively. From this his passing was a happy release.

To his sisters who looked after him for many years, we extend heart felt condolences.

Cape Western Scouter 1994