Air Glider Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Air Glider Interest Badge
  1. Explain the methods of launching a glider, the recovery procedure afterwards and how to park a glider.
  2. Show a knowledge of the different class of glider as defined by the South African Soaring Association.
  3. List the instruments a glider carries and explain their purpose.
  4. Demonstrate a knowledge of the structure and controls of a glider.
  5. Recognise and name six different types of cloud formations and explain the type of flying conditions to be expected in each basic type.
  6. Carry out a daily inspection (pre-flight) on a glider to the satisfaction of the instructor, and explain why the inspection of each part is important to the safe operation of the aircraft.
  7. Explain what produces good soaring conditions.
  8. Act as a member of a launching and recovery crew.
  9. Explain the emergency procedures for a glider in flight in the case of
    1. cable failure in the case of a winch or aero-tow launch, and engine failure in the case of a motor glider;
    2. structural failure or collision at altitude;
    3. inability to release cable in the case of :
      1. winch launch
      2. aero-tow
    4. altitude loss to the extent that safe soaring is no longer feasible.
  10. Do two circuits in a glider with an instructor and submit a detailed report on each flight.
  11. Discuss with the examiner the conventional symbols used on aeronautical charts and point out the features over flown on an imaginary cross-country flight of at least 50 nautical miles flying at a height of 600 metres (2 000 feet).

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