Air Planner Scoutcraft Badge

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The activities used is this badge are to assist in a scout get the basic understanding of what is knowledge is required before a flight can take place.

Badge requirements[edit]

Air Planner Scoutcraft Badge
  1. Explain what is meant by latitude and longitude as well as the meaning of: lesser great circles; lesser circles; meridians and rhumbline.
  2. Explain what is meant by Magnetic Dip, Variation and Deviation.
  3. Know the difference between, and the derivation of, magnetic heading and track.
  4. Demonstrate a knowledge of conventional symbols used on an aeronautical chart and show how to do simple flight calculations.
  5. Show a knowledge of the instruments used by an air navigator and compute problems (by any means) of time, distance, speed and fuel consumed per hour.
  6. Explain the semi-circle rule and the importance of keeping to correct flight levels.
  7. Demonstrate how to complete the Standard ATC Flight Plan Form.
  8. Explain how cloud is formed and
    1. Recognise and name six different cloud types and explain their significance for aviators.
    2. Know the types of cloud considered hazardous to aviation.
    3. Explain the physics of ice formation.
  9. Interpret a weather map, with particular reference to the high pressure and low pressure Provincials and cold and warm fronts.
  10. Explain the conditions necessary for the formation of thunderstorms and know the dangers and procedures to be followed when thunderstorms are present when flying.

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