Air Spotter Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Air Spotter Interest Badge
  1. Have passed the Airmanship Scoutcraft Badge, or complete parts 1, 3 and 4 of its requirements.
  2. Sketch the national markings of 10 Air Forces of the world, at least 3 of these should be African Air Forces.
  3. Be able to name at least 10 international airlines that operate into South Africa and identify their country of origin, at least 3 of these should be African airlines.
  4. Be able to name the registration prefixes for eight countries in Sub Sahara Africa as well as eight other countries, e.g. ZS=South Africa, VS=Namibia, 3D=Swaziland, G=United Kingdom.
  5. Log on at least five different occasions a total of 30 or more aircraft that you have observed (they need not all be different types) recording their type, registration number and date where observed

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