Air Traffic Controller Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Air Traffic Controller Interest Badge
  1. Have passed the Air Planner Scoutcraft Badge, or complete parts 1 & 2 of its requirements.
  2. Demonstrate aircraft marshalling signals by day and by night.
  3. State, after visiting an airport, the objectives and functions of the air traffic services (i.e. Air Traffic Controller, the tower, approach, information, fire brigade and any other services).
  4. Explain the use of equipment used by minor airfield control towers.
  5. Recite the phonetic alphabet.
  6. Describe the types of separations used in Air Traffic Control.
  7. Identify three local beacons by their mores signals and radio frequency.
  8. Know the morse alphabet.
  9. Demonstrate, with the examiner acting as the pilot, an air traffic controlled circuit pattern from start-up to shut-down.
  10. Draw a runway and its circuit patterns, indicating:
    1. Climb-out; cross wind; down wind; base leg; final leg.
    2. Runway markings by night and by day.
    3. Likely windsock position and landing direction relative to wind direction.
    4. Taxi-ways; over-shoot; under-shoot areas.
  11. Explain the importance of aircraft adhering to flight levels and how these are calculated and obtained.
  12. Explain the aircraft priority order for landing at an airfield and the rules governing right-of-way.
  13. Know the radio readability scale.
  14. Know the international calls for distress and emergency.
  15. Explain what is meant by the term "QDM 050" (See Aeronautical Code signals (wikipedia)).
  16. State what type of "flight rules" are available to pilots.

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