Alerting the emergency medical services

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As a Scouter, you will know if there are emergency medical services in your area, or the best way for your Cubs to get help in the case of an emergency. Ensure that your information is always up-to-date and that all emergency numbers are prominently placed somewhere at your Pack meeting place. In order to practise this activity you can:

  • Play a game that involves a telephone (a real one unplugged or a toy phone). Tell the Cub about an accident that has happened and ask them to call for help. They must dial correctly, pass on a message, and wait by the phone in case the service phones back to check if the call is genuine.
  • For those occasions where there will be no telephone available, have a play acting time where the Cub, being given the details of the accident, will tell you where they would get help and then role-play the message they would pass on to the person who could help him/her.

Note that although training and revision is preferably done in a practical manner, first aid should never be regarded as a game just for fun. It is a serious matter and a great responsibility for those who can give the service.