Archaeologist Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Archaeologist Interest Badge
  1. Have a knowledge of the appearance of the following: a Stone Age site and artefact; an Iron Age site and artefact; a rock painting site; a rock engraving site.
  2. Produce evidence that you have participated for at least five days in an excavation and/or a rock art recording activity under professional supervision. Participation should include at least three of the following activities:
    1. setting out of an excavation
    2. excavating
    3. field preservation of finds
    4. sorting and labelling
    5. drawing of artefacts
    6. racing of rock paintings
    7. rubbing of rock engravings
    8. photographing for record purposes
    9. drawing or mapping.
  3. Write an illustrated report on the activity in 2 (above), covering the following:
    1. Mark the locality on a 1:50 000 map.
    2. Descriptions of the material recovered, OR some interpretation of the art recorded.
    3. Some observations that can be made about the finds.
  4. Discuss with the examiner the use of the Site Recording Manual of the Archaeological Data Recording Centre, South African Museum, and Cape Town.
  5. Have a knowledge of the relevant clauses of the National Monuments Act and its practical implications for the protection of archaeological sites.

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