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your age:
your age:
[[File:Athletics table.jpg|frameless|center]]
[[File:Athletics table.jpg|750px|frameless|center]]
==See also==
==See also==

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The activities used to challenge a scout to reach a minimum athletic standard for their age or gender.

Badge requirements[edit]

SC Athletics
  1. Demonstrate the correct methods of walking and running, and of starting a race.
  2. Demonstrate “Scouts Pace” [50 walk/50 run] over a distance of 1km without stopping.
  3. Show a basic knowledge of the rules for the following:
    1. Sprint race
    2. Middle distance and long distance
    3. Relay races
    4. Hurdles
    5. Discus event or Shot-put
  4. Discuss correct diet and methods of training for athletes.
  5. Represent your club, Troop or school at an athletic meeting.
  6. Gain the indicated times in five of the following groups of tests according to your age:
    Athletics table.jpg

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