Boardsailing Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Boardsailing Interest Badge
  1. Have a basic understanding of the theory of sailing, with particular reference to the centre of effort and the centre of lateral resistance, and explain their significance to boardsailing.
  2. Be able to identify all parts of a sailboard and its rigging.
  3. Rig a sailboard and sail a course of at least 300 metres, at least one beat, one run, and one reach, on both port and starboard tacks.
  4. Explain how to obtain suitable weather forecasts and understand how to use them.
  5. Describe the international signal for help and explain when to use it.
  6. Demonstrate and explain rigging modifications for varying weather conditions.
  7. Discuss with the examiner the LY.R.U. rules and appendices, with S.A.Y.R.A. prescriptions, applicable to boardsailing and right-of- way for yachts and sailboards.
  8. Sailing with an average wind strength of Force 3 on the Beaufort Wind Scale or more, complete a figure-of-eight course twice, sailing continuously. The radius of the circles to be less than 10 metres.
  9. Perform the following manoeuvres on both port and starboard tacks: Step tack; Jump tack; Swing gybe; Stop (or Turn) gybe.

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