Boatswain Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Boatswain Interest Badge
  1. Repair a small hole in a pulling boat OR patch a canvas or rubber hull OR repair a small hole in a fibre-glass hull.
  2. Make the following bends, hitches or splices:
    1. Back splice, eye splice, short splice, longsplice, chain splice, and docker's splice;
    2. Marline spike hitch;
    3. Double carrick bend;
    4. Catspaw;
    5. Mouse a hook;
    6. Turk's head;
    7. Hunter's bend in synthetic rope;
    8. Jury masthead knot;
    9. Boatswain's lanyard incorporating at least six sennits (i.e. boatswain's weave, rolling boatswain, half hitches, diamond knot, grapevine, three corner crownings, flat sennit, turk's head);
    10. Make an eye splice in a wire rope by either:
      1. Making an eye splice and worm, parcel and serve it.
      2. OR
      3. Demonstrating how to make an eye using a crimping tool and know the importance of selecting the correct size of ferrule.
  3. Make a sailmaker's whipping and make off correctly the ends of a nylon or plastic rope using heat.
  4. Make a fender suitable for a pulling boat.
  5. Demonstrate how to take care of, clean and remove stains from sails.
  6. Identify 3 different synthetic fibres both in cloth and ropes.
  7. Take part in painting and varnishing a boat.
  8. Make the following pipes on a Bosun's Call:
    1. The Still;
    2. Carry on;
    3. Pipe the Side.
  9. Make and use a Bosun's chair. Explain the Aerial Runway Code.
  10. Overhaul and repair a set of standing rigging, in both wire and cordage, for an open sailing craft.
  11. Demonstrate the uses of purchase tackles, and rig a purchase tackle.
  12. Make a boat bag, using canvas, PVC or synthetic cloth. List the contents of the boat bag.

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