Cameraman Scout Interest Badge

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NOTE: This badge can be passed using either a video or a cine camera.

Badge requirements[edit]

Cameraman Interest Badge
  1. Take your camera and other equipment to the examiner and demonstrate how the equipment is used. Be prepared to answer questions on such things as loading and unloading the camera, how to adjust for focus, how to allow for colour balance etc.
  2. Explain the need for lenses of different focal length, or a zoom lens and how the change of lens, or zooming, can enhance your story line while shooting.
  3. Explain the problems encountered when panning. Discuss with the examiner what to do to overcome these problems.
  4. Describe to the examiner how you would plan a shoot of a Scouting event, or a film plot with a story line, highlighting the problems you would encounter with continuity. After shooting explain how you would use editing to increase the pace of the film.
  5. Produce a programme, lasting at least 20 minutes, of a Scouting event, that could be used as a training aid for the Troop or Pack, or as an item of entertainment at a parents' evening. If sound dubbing is not available prepare the presentation as a silent run but have prepared an audio tape that can be used during the presentation. The tape can be either suitable music only or it can be with a voice-over to explain the action.
  6. In addition to the material used in section 5, take three short sequences which will demonstrate your ability to use the mobility of the camera and the advantages of being able to pan and zoom. No sound is required but you should be prepared to explain to the examiner what you have tried to achieve. The subjects should include:
    1. presentation indoors highlighting two or three people
    2. A large group indoors
    3. An outdoor scene leading into a story line.

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