Camp Quartermaster Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Camp Quartermaster Interest Badge
  1. Have passed the Camping Scoutcraft Badge or complete all the requirements for it.
  2. Discuss the precautions to be taken, and practices used, concerning camp sanitation and personal hygiene under varying conditions.
  3. Demonstrate in camp the correct methods of:
    1. Hygienically storing food
    2. Storing equipment
    3. Safe storage and maintenance of gas and paraffin lanterns, stoves and fuel
    4. Correct garbage disposal
    5. How to store rope and cordage
    6. The proper care and maintenance of axes and saws
    7. How to re-haft and sharpen an axe
  4. Have acted as assistant Quartermaster at two Troop camps, being responsible for the issuing of rations and the issuing and return of equipment.
  5. For a Troop camp of 4 nights or 2 weekends duration, attended by at least two Patrols, do the following:
    1. Act as Quartermaster at the camp.
    2. Take charge of the storage and issuing of rations.
    3. Keep an efficient record of the camping stores, including issuing and returns during the camp.
    4. Supervise the preparation for storage, and storage after the camp, of the Troop equipment, particularly tents, ropes and cordage.
    5. Arrange for the repair or replacement of equipment damaged or lost during the camp.
  6. Do two of the following:
    1. Repair a tear in a Patrol tent/Troop tent.
    2. Replace a guyline on a tent.
    3. Re-waterproof a tent.
    4. Replace an eyelet.

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