Campfire Leader Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Campfire Leader Interest Badge
  1. Explain the aim, purpose and place of the campfire in Scout training, with reference to the different types of campfire (formal, informal, indoor, Cub etc).
  2. Discuss the principles involved in planning a formal Patrol or Troop campfire, covering campfire leadership, discipline and mood.
  3. Assist with the programmes of 2 formal campfires by leading songs, yells, rounds, dances or games.
  4. Construct a portable indoor campfire, as well as any other type of fire suitable for an outdoor campfire leg top burner).
  5. Produce your own campfire blanket designed and decorated by yourself
  6. Produce your own campfire notebook with the following items:
    1. Openings
    2. Closings
    3. Applause
    4. Songs (folk, action, rounds, spiritual etc)
    5. Skits (stunts and sketches)
    6. Yells
    7. Yarns
    8. Dances and games.
  7. Plan, lead and run a formal campfire, devising a novel opening ceremony. The examiner is to be present

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