Camping Scoutcraft Badge

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This badge teaches the scout about the great joy of camping and the necessary skills need to make you camping trip one to remember.

Badge requirements[edit]

Camping Scoutcraft Badge
  1. Make a layout plan of a typical Patrol campsite. Show the position of the camp kitchen, the fireplace, dining flysheet, latrine, and tentage for at least six Scouts. Explain how and why weather, season, wind, fuel, and water supply are taken into consideration when choosing a site. Explain what care to take with regard to safe water, sanitary facilities, and emergencies.
  2. Explain how a Patrol's typical activities are organised in setting up camp (e.g. pitching tents, digging latrines, making the kitchen etc). List the duties you would allocate to each member of the Patrol during camp.
  3. Prepare a checklist detailing:
    1. the personal kit that you will need for a Troop camp lasting a week;
    2. the personal kit that you will need for a weekend hike or cruise in
      1. Summer
      2. Winter
    3. all the camping equipment needed for a weekend Patrol standing camp. Be able to justify your choice.
  4. Demonstrate how to pack correctly your personal kit in a rucksack or kitbag for an overnight Patrol camp.
  5. Prepare a camp menu for an overnight standing Patrol camp of at least seven Scouts covering two breakfasts, two lunches, and two suppers (some tinned food may be used). Make a food list for the Patrol. List the foods required for your menu that you can get from your local store with their prices.
  6. At an overnight standing Patrol camp:
    1. Assist in the preparation of the camp programme.
    2. Lay out the campsite according to the principles in (1) above
    3. With another Scout, pitch a Patrol tent, or build a shelter, taking into consideration the weather and terrain. Strike and pack the tent, or dismantle the shelter. Know how to take care of tents, including the correct storage of tents between camps.
    4. While camping, cook all meals for yourself for twenty-four hours to the satisfaction of the examiner. Raw ingredients must be used in cooking the meals. (For this requirement, it is acceptable for the candidate to take charge of the kitchen, in cooking the meals for the whole Patrol, with the help of other Scouts, but under his overall supervision.)
    5. Make a comfortable bed on the ground and sleep in it overnight. Use a groundsheet, padding of clothes, rucksack, grass, straw, hiphole etc.
    6. While in camp show the right way to
      1. store your food and gear against heat, animals, insects, and wet in bad weather;
      2. dispose of refuse and maintain correct hygiene standards.
      3. take precautions against the spread of fires.
    7. Make three camp gadgets in camp and use them.
  7. Have camped under canvas or in the open as a Scout for a total of not less than twelve nights (not necessarily continuous).

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