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Senior Scout Adventure Badge

The Senior Scout Adventure programme provides unforgettable adventure and fun. These days, it is held every 2 years in the famous backpacking country of the Cederberg Wilderness Area along rugged, rocky trails. Programme features combine the best of advanced Scouting to provide you with fun and a real challenge - water activities, rock climbing, paintball, underwater diving, sailing, and many more! This is an unbeatable recipe for fast-moving enjoyment and action.

If you are a senior Scout, 15 years or older, and you are looking for high adventure and an outdoor challenge in a famous mountain wilderness, then the SENIOR SCOUT ADVENTURE in December has been designed for you!

On the first day, the Patrols assemble at Camping HQ. Here they draw trail rations, meet other Patrols, and prepare for their trips. Thereafter, each Patrol follows a hiking itinerary that takes it backpacking for 10 days along trails and across mountains - camping on the trail or at Activity Centres, climbing peaks, swimming - to reach the various Activity Centres and to participate in their programmes. On the eve of the last day, all Patrols reassemble at Camping HQ for the final Camp Fire before departure the next day.

Expert instructors staff each Activity Centre. The Patrol itineraries are planned to ensure that each person has a full opportunity to participate in the activities offered. On every Adventure we try to offer one or two new activities as well as to upgrade and enrich the old favourites, often taking into account suggestions made by participants.

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