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NOTE: This badge covers the collecting of items other than stamps and coins. The number of items collected will be decided by the examiner using the following criteria:

  1. "Rare" items as opposed to "everyday" items.
  2. The length of time over which the items were collected, preferably over a period of at least 9 months.
  3. The availability of catalogues or books of reference on the items collected.
  4. The number of specialised items in comparison with general items in circulation.

Badge requirements[edit]

Collector Interest Badge
  1. Have a good knowledge of the history of the individual items collected.
  2. Refer to other collections of a similar nature and where housed. If possible, compare your own collection with these other collections.
  3. Explain to the examiner the origin of items selected at random by the examiner.
  4. Differentiate between low value and high value items in your collection.
  5. Explain the meaning of common terms, chosen by the examiner, relating to the type of collection.
  6. Demonstrate to the examiner that you have a knowledge of the best way to present, preserve or store the items in the collections and how they should be handled.

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