Computer Pilot Scoutcraft Badge

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This badge is designed for the junior Scout as a "lead-in" badge for Air Planner, Air Traffic Controller and Pilot.

Badge requirements[edit]

Computer Pilot Scoutcraft Badge

The badge requirements can be completed on any suitable simulator, ie Flight simulator 2000, 2002, 2004 or Combat Flight Simulator or Flight School simulator.

  1. Discuss the various instruments on an aircraft instrument panel and explain their function.
  2. Carry out start procedure and execute "Take-offs", fly a circuit and land. Use to be made of flaps, retractable undercarriage etc. if installed on the simulator.
  3. Take-off and carry out 2 cross country flights and land at either the same or a different airfield.
  4. Take-off and carry out the following manoeuvres:
    • A controlled turn to the left and right, climb to a designated altitude and descend to another designated altitude
    • Fly a loop, roll and a stall turns.

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