Cub Athlete Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Athlete Cub Interest Badge

Do any EIGHT of the following:

  1. Run 50m in 9.5 seconds.
  2. Long jump (standing or running) 1.5m.
  3. Throw a cricket/tennis (or other similar hard) ball 27m or more.
  4. High jump 0.85m.
  5. Long jump (running) 2.5m.
  6. Run 200m in 40 seconds or less.
  7. Lie on your back. Hold your feet under something heavy and, with slightly bent knees, do 40 sit-ups.
  8. Do 3 pull-ups on a bar and 10 push-ups from the ground or floor.
  9. Show the correct way to walk, run, sit and stand.
  10. Explain the importance of warming up and cooling down.

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