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Badge requirements[edit]

Citizen Cub Interest Badge
  1. Know the names of the President of South Africa, the Deputy President, and Premier of your Province. List them in your notebook. Put in pictures of your national capital.
  2. Know the background of two historical places (monuments, buildings, battlefields, etc.) in your area.
  3. Explain why we have laws and why you think it is important to obey the law.
  4. Do THREE of the following:
    • Know and tell about a famous man or woman of your country. Explain why you think he/she is a good citizen.
    • Name three organisations in your district, other than churches, which help people. Describe what one of them does.
    • Alone or with your Six do a good turn for a church, school, hospital, old people’s home or children’s home in your neighbourhood (only one required for the test).
    • List five people from anywhere in the world who are good citizens. Explain why you chose them.
    • Find out about another ethnic group in your area – the people, the language they speak, and something about their history and customs.
    • Tell why we have a government. Describe three things the government or the municipality does for you and your family.

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