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While you are a Cub you can earn Cub Interest Badges, and there are many to choose from, according to your own interests.

Do you have hobbies? Maybe you love building model boats, or perhaps going fishing. Almost all girls and boys have some activity they like to do best. Interest badges are great fun to earn because you can choose the ones that interest you most. By the time you gain the badge you will be quite expert at whatever you have chosen. Your parents and teachers will be able to help them with some of the badges and when they see the great things you can do, they'll look forward to helping you with future projects.

Adults should encourage the Cubs to read carefully what they have to do to earn each badge and to practise it until they know how to do it well. When you are ready to gain your badge, make sure you tell one of the Pack Scouters, who will arrange for someone to test you.

See Uniform badge placement for where the badges must be sewn on to the shirt.

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