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Welcome to the Cubs Wiki page[edit]

We all know the adventures described in the Jungle Book! The characters are a young boy and jungle animals that children can relate to and together they embark on exciting adventures whilst learning new skills. Cubs is for boys and girls between 7 and 10 years old. The adults running the Cub Packs are called Pack Scouters, with the person in charge being the Akela – as in the jungle book's leader of the wolf pack.

Advancement - The CubTrail[edit]

  • The Cub Advancement Programme consists of a number of levels that a Cub works towards at different stages of their Cub career, starting when they earn membership and are invested invested as a Cub, and continues as they earn their Silver Wolf, Gold Wolf and Leaping Wolf badges, and ends with their Link Badge when they go up to Scouts.
  • The Cub Interest Badges are optional badges that a Cub can complete, covering a wide range of themes.

Cub information and resources[edit]

In the Cub Resources section, you'll find sorts of information for Cubs, Cub leaders and parents on the themes and activities of the Cub Programme.