Cub Water Champ Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Water Champ Cub Interest Badge

A. Raising Awareness

  1. Imagine your water taps run dry for a day. Write down or tell your Pack Scouter what you would do differently during that day without water.
  2. List 3 ways to ensure you use less than 50 lt of water a day.

B. Making sure Every Drop Counts

  1. Ensure your house is as leak-free as you can make it.
  2. Look out for leaking taps and ask someone to fix them.
  3. Only flush toilets with non-drinkable or grey water.
  4. Look for any wasteful water practices in your home. Report back to your family on what you found out, what was done to prevent this water wastage and how many litres of water you have managed to save.

C. Taking Personal Action

  1. Speak to your Parents or Pack Scouter about how you can assist to provide water to those in need in your family and scout circles in the event of Day Zero and dry taps at homes.

Note: The requirements above can be amended for local needs by the Pack Scouter or Scout Group Leader. Badges are available from SSA outlets and worn during 2018 on the front right as for "events".


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