Cyclist Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Cyclist Interest Badge
  1. Clean and adjust a bicycle. Prepare it for inspection using a prescribed bicycle safety checklist. Ensure that it meets local legal requirements.
  2. Show your bicycle to the examiner for inspection. Point out the adjustments or repairs you have made. Do the following:
    1. Point out all points that need oiling regularly.
    2. Show the points that should be checked regularly to make sure the bicycle is safe to ride.
    3. Show how to adjust chain tension, brakes, seat level and height of the handlebars and the derailer gear (if fitted).
    4. Show your ability to replace spokes and straighten a wheel rim.
    5. Show your ability to clean and replace all bearings.
  3. Mend a puncture or replace a tubeless tyre.
  4. Show a good knowledge of traffic rules, traffic signals and road signs, in discussion with the examiner and demonstrate that you know the bicycle safety code. Demonstrate the correct hand signals.
  5. Demonstrate proper mounting, pedalling and braking (including emergency stops).
    1. Plot on a road map a 100 km cycle trip which does not involve main roads. Using your map, complete the ride in 5 hours with at least two other cyclists.
    2. OR
    3. Produce evidence that you have participated in at least three cycle races/meetings where the shortest distance ridden is not less than 25 km.

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