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  • In the civil defence organisation, the Scout Movement is an element of the communications discipline and as such, Scouts will be used as messengers. Scouts are not to be used in dangerous situations.
  • All relevant information on civil defence is contained in the booklet Alert which is available from: The Medical Association of SA (Lay Publications), Private Bag X1, 7430 PINELANDS. (Also available in Afrikaans under the title Gereed.)

Badge requirements[edit]

Civil Defence Interest Badge
  1. Have passed the First Aid Badge.
  2. Demonstrate a good knowledge of radio voice procedure.
  3. Carry an oral message of a minimum of 80 words to a given destination and repeat it after not less than 1 hour's time lapse.
    1. Compile a current list of Civil Defence personnel in your community, district, town or city (Civil Defence Chief, Civil Defence Medical Officers, etc).
    2. Describe the civil defence signs and badges of discipline (e.g. administration, communication, nursing, first aid).
  4. Describe in detail the civil defence plan for your district, town or city.
  5. Draw up an emergency plan for your household under the following headings:
    1. Emergency cupboard
    2. Emergency rations
    3. Water supply
    4. Power supply
    5. Refuse removal
    6. Fire emergency
    7. Other emergencies
    8. Evacuation
    9. Private motor vehicles.
  6. Demonstrate the hand signals used for directing and controlling traffic.

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