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Badge requirements[edit]

Draughtsman Interest Badge
  1. Define the following:
    1. a point;
    2. a line;
    3. a straight line;
    4. parallel lines;
    5. a horizontal line;
    6. a vertical line;
    7. an oblique line;
    8. a right angle;
    9. an obtuse angle;
    10. an acute angle.
  2. Show that you have a knowledge of the following drawing instruments:
    1. a drawing board;
    2. a T-square;
    3. a set square;
    4. compasses;
    5. dividers;
    6. scales
  3. Draw the following views of a box 1 metre wide by 0,5 metres high by 2 metres long, using a convenient scale:
    1. isometric;
    2. oblique;
    3. pictorial;
    4. development.
  4. Draw projections and the development of a truncated cylinder.
  5. Demonstrate the difference between "third angle projection" and "first angle projection".
  6. Draw a single line plan of a dwelling house to scale. Include in your house 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a family room, 1 bathroom, and a single garage, the roof to be of the mono pitch design. Project the front and side elevations and draw a section. Drawing to be done in pencil. The plan must be neatly and correctly dimensioned and labelled.

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