Electronic Engineer Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Electronic Engineer Interest Badge
  1. Explain the basic Electron Theory.
  2. Explain the functions of the following:
    1. resistor;
    2. capacitor;
    3. rectifier;
    4. transistor;
    5. integrated circuit.
  3. Solve a simple problem of current, voltage and resistance using Ohm's law.
  4. Explain the resistor and capacitor colour code.
  5. Explain the basic operation of heat sensitive and light sensitive components.
  6. Design a simple electronic apparatus and demonstrate it in use. Include the following:
    1. Draw the circuit diagram.
    2. Draw up and make a printed circuit board.
  7. OR
    1. Demonstrate that you know how to locate and repair a simple fault in a transistorised radio.
    2. Construct a small transistorised radio suitable for short wave or FM reception.
    3. Explain the elements of frequency modulation.

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