Fires and Cooking Scoutcraft Badge

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This badge introduces a scout to catering for themselves and cooking for their patrol.

Badge requirements[edit]

Fires And Cooking Scoutcraft Badge
  1. Carry out an experiment to determine the burning properties of at least three different types of wood for cooking fires, and discuss their characteristics and the purposes for which each should be used.
  2. Demonstrate three different types of cooking fires in use, and explain the advantages of each. Know the dangers of veld/bushfires and demonstrate how to take safety precautions when lighting, using and extinguishing fires in the open. Demonstrate methods of extinguishing flames.
  3. Make a camp fireplace in the open that is suited to the natural surroundings, or make a conservation stove. Make a fire in it, and cook the following for at least four people:
    1. porridge
    2. Hunter's stew
  4. Discuss the importance of creating a balance menu, including a vegetarian/vegan menu, and the health benefits of a vegetarian/vegan menu.
    1. Draw up a menu for a three-course breakfast, lunch and supper.
    2. Draw up the food quantities and cost these at a local store.
  5. Demonstrate the following:
    1. the setting of a table in camp or indoors for a lunch or a supper;
    2. how to prevent accidents in the kitchen at camp and indoors;
    3. the use of weights and measures in the kitchen.
  6. Make yourself a damper or a twist.
  7. Using the principles of the three R’s, properly dispose of rubbish, clean utensils, and leave a safe, clean cooking area and fireplace.

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