Forester Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Forester Interest Badge
  1. Describe the value of woodlots for providing fuel, fencing and building poles; and the value of forests in protecting soil, building soil fertility, regulating the flow of water, and in wildlife management, and as recreational areas.
  2. Produce evidence that you have participated in a community woodlot programme under the guidance of the forestry authorities, or in a tree planting programme, and explain from practical experience the following:
    1. Preparation of the soil
    2. How and when to plant young trees
    3. How to water them
    4. How to tend the areas around them.
    Show the examiner at least three trees that you have cultivated from saplings
  3. Show that you have a knowledge of the dangers to which trees may be exposed (eg termites and other insects, fire, frost, diseases and animals).
    1. Discuss methods of combating these dangers
    2. Show that you have taken part in at least two preventive measures (eg fencing and making a firebreak).
    1. Assist in the trimming ("coppicing") of trees in a woodlot, using a handaxe; and assist in the clear felling of trees in a woodlot, using a bow saw.
    2. OR
    3. Demonstrate how to use a felling axe in felling and logging up. Use a cross-cut saw and wedges correctly.

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