Hawequas Summer Camp 1988

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Hawequas Summer Camp '88[edit]

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To many of the Cape Western Scouts the 1988 Summer Camp was their introduction to the Hawequas Scout Ranch at Wellington

Summer Camp 1988 started off in a slight drizzle, but this certainly did not dampen any spirits. Setting up camp is always a busy time, what with looking for your site and the adults saying their last good-byes and embarrassing their macho 'men'. The tents were however rapidly seen to be springing-up in an orderly fashion, all in the beautiful densely forested camping area, some groups having to carve out a site for their tents, but the Scouts were soon all settled in. It was then a quick change into casual clothes and then to 'spy-out-the-land'. Who were your neighbours and with the clear name boards, what other troops were there and what better than to start exploring the Ranch.

With the concept of 'fixed time base activities' the Scouts at all times knew when and where they were supposed to be. This also allowed them to decide for themselves what other activities they wished to busy themselves with. This worked very well and with the hot weather the river proved to be very popular. The natural water slides I'm sure, reduced the life of many a costume, but it was certainly an exhilarating experience that took much courage and was well worth it. One Troop I know, spent quite a lot of their spare time at the 'tuck-shop' and as a result qualified for the most 'off-colour' Troop! This was not a reflection on the catering where, sometimes, completely normal rations were transposed into rather strange results!

Edgemead Scouts in Camp

At the base activities like Pioneering, Advanced Cooking, etc. much valuable Scouting information was passed on. Judging from the great amount that has sunk in and the skills gained, I believe that the excellent teaching was also complemented by the outdoor Scouting environment.

To try and report on all the activities would fill this Cape Western Scouter, but they were plenty and varied. The concept being that the Scouts could choose how and where they spent their energies.

I'm sure Summer Camp 1988, being the first of many to be held at Hawequas, will with much nostalgia be remembered by all, especially the younger Scouts. Who could forget the 'Hurricane' that flattened tents and caused such havoc, and how the true spirit of Scouting came to the fore when older Scouts and Scouters went to the aid of those hit by the storm and saw them through to the dawn of the next day.

To Errol Kotze and his team who, under sometimes difficult conditions, ran a most enjoyable Camp, we must say 'Hats-off'. With all the planning and effort that must have gone into putting together such a project, we the members of the Movement say a very big THANK-YOU and WELL DONE!

Author: Stuart Ravenscroft
Source: Cape Western Scouter
Date: February 1988