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Badge requirements[edit]

Helmsman Interest Badge
  1. Pass or have passed the requirements of the Sailing Scoutcraft Badge.
  2. Pass or have passed the requirements for the Swimmer Interest Badge or carry out all three of the following:
    1. be able to swim at least 150 metres in shorts, shirt and socks
    2. be able to swim 250 metres in any style
    3. be able to remain afloat for at least three minutes (using clothing inflation)
  3. Sketch three types of anchors, label the parts and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type.
  4. Explain the International Rules of the Road and the South African Yacht Racing Association Rules:
    1. as applicable to right-of-way and steerage.
    2. as applicable to the basic organisation and execution of a yacht race.
  5. Explain how to use the Beaufort Wind Scale for determining safe boating.
  6. Identify and discuss the different types of sails as used on sailing craft e.g. mainsail, spinnaker, genoa and jib.
  7. Name the parts of the standing and running rigging.
  8. Explain how you would get underway after running aground.
  9. Demonstrate the correct procedure to follow for the resuscitation of the apparently drowned on a Resusci-Anne or similar model.
  10. Demonstrate the following splices:
    1. Docker's Splice
    2. Eye Splice
    3. Back Splice
    4. Short Splice
  11. Demonstrate the following:
    1. Rescue a conscious person from the water.
    2. Rescue an unconscious person from the water.
  12. Take the helm and carry out the following:
    1. Come alongside, moor and get underway from a buoy and from a jetty.
    2. Make and shorten sail.
    3. Steer a compass course of at least 6 bearings and pick up an object from the water.
    4. Whilst afloat, rig a jury sea anchor from items in the boat and demonstrate its use.
    5. Sail a figure of eight course between two markers without the use of a rudder.
    6. Sail without Centreboard/Daggerboard.
    7. Sail on Jib alone.
  13. In addition to the requirements of the Scoutcraft Badge, log at least 10 hours of sailing in various conditions over a period of 3 months as helmsman. This log is to be certified by your Troop Scouter.
  14. OR Compete as helmsman in three series of races under SAYRA rules. The log for these races to be signed by the Bridge Crew.

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