Hiking Scoutcraft Badge

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Another great badge that exposes scouts to the great outdoor through hiking. This badge will prepare you for your first hike and give you all the knowledge you require to make your journey/adventure a great one. Good luck! NB: Start your hike distance log now!

Badge requirements[edit]

Hiking Scoutcraft Badge
  1. Compile lists of the personal equipment needed for a hiking expedition of at least three days. Present yourself, properly dressed and packed, before going on an overnight hike. Discuss your choice of clothing, equipment, rations and emergency kit.
  2. Discuss what is meant by individual hiking skills (pace, rhythm, foot placing, conservation of energy, balance and coordination); personal hygiene; the Outdoor Code; wilderness manners; minimum impact hiking and camping. Demonstrate how these are applied in the outdoors. Understand the importance and correct way of using catholes away from water, paths and campsites, when other latrines are not available.
  3. Know the importance of the party staying together, and the procedure to be followed in the event of an accident or emergency. Know the signs and symptoms of hypothermia (exposure), the precautions to be taken to avoid this, and the correct treatment of hypothermia.
  4. Know the procedure governing access to nature conservation Provincials, Parks Board Provincials, National Hiking Way trails and wilderness Provincials. Explain what permission is required before setting out on a hike (permits, parent consent, etc.) and the correct procedure when crossing private property.
  5. Show that you can use a compass and how to orientate and use a 1:50 000 topographical map. Be able to locate your position by reference to natural features. Identify the conventional map symbols, and demonstrate the use of scale.
  6. With other Scouts (minimum of four in the party), hike 50 kilometres over country tracks, across country, or on recognised hiking trails. This should be done over 3 or more hikes where two hikes need to be at least 20km’s in length. At least one overnight camp must be included. (Accommodation can be provided for in tents or huts.) A brief record of the dates, routes, distance hiked, names of party, and any other useful details, e.g. the weather conditions, campsite descriptions, must be presented to the examiner. The hikes must be done under a suitable leader such as the Troop Scouter, or as part of a recognised hiking organisation such as the Scout Mountain Club or Mountain Club of South Africa.

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