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Hiking and Mapping

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Outdoor CodeEdit

Outdoor Code of SCOUTS South Africa

  • I will treat the outdoors - our veld, rivers and mountains - as a heritage to be cherished and protected; and to be enriched for our own greater enjoyment and for future generations.
  • I will learn to understand nature and her ways.
  • I will learn how to practice conservation of soil, water, forests, grasslands and wildlife, and urge others to do the same.
  • I will treat public and private land with respect, remembering that the use of the outdoors is a privilege.
  • I will prevent fires and build my own fire in a safe place, and be sure it is out before I depart.
  • I will keep my litter and garbage out of South African waters fields, woods, veld and roadways.
  • Whenever I take from nature for my own use, I will endeavour to return a share of her bounty.

Scouts South Africa Outdoor Code (pdf)

Logs and Strip LogsEdit

Logbooks of hikes are required for the Springbok Scout and the Hiker Interest Badge. Written logs may also be presented for Adventurer Day Journey and First Class Hike. How to Write a Hiking Log is a guide to Scouts on how to write these logs.

Expedition mappingEdit

Hike safetyEdit