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Badge requirements[edit]

Handyman Interest Badge
  1. Do seven of the following:
    1. Re-hang a door and repair door fittings, including handles, locks, etc.
    2. Glaze a window.
    3. Demonstrate the correct methods of using, cleaning, and storing a spray gun.
    4. Discuss the precautions to take against frost and explain how to thaw frozen pipes in a welling house and what immediate steps to take in the case of burst water pipes or gas leaks.
    5. Mix concrete or make dagha or cement blocks or clay bricks and effect simple repairs to a wall or floor.
    6. Repair defective plastering.
    7. Paint a ceiling or paper/paint a room. Demonstrate the correct methods of using, cleaning and storing paintbrushes and/or rollers after use.
    8. Clean a stove including the plates and oven. Know the safety precautions to be taken.
    9. Change the mantle on a glass lamp or the wick of a paraffin lamp, and clean the glass.
    10. Repair a fence or hang a gate using the appropriate tools.
    11. Clean and care for a swimming pool for at least one month.
    12. Lay floor or wall tiles.

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