Journalist Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Journalist Interest Badge
  1. Hold the position of editor of a Scout magazine, producing at least 4 editions within a 12 month period.
    Produce proof that you have contributed regularly to a Scout magazine and that at least 4 of the articles submitted by you have been published.
    Where there is no Scout magazine, submit at least 4 articles to the examiner covering the activities of your Troop or Patrol. The examiner will determine whether the articles submitted are publishable.
  2. From 20 or 30 facts provided by the examiner, write an article worthy of publication in your local newspaper. The facts will include such things as time, place and theme of an event to take place locally for which the Group or Troop is seeking public support.
  3. Write a resume of a newspaper article, reducing the number of words to approximately half the number without omitting any essential facts.
  4. Explain the meaning of the term "make-up" and produce a dummy for the printer representing one issue of an eight-page magazine, circular, catalogue, report or programme brochure.
  5. Discuss with the examiner the following:
    1. methods of printing or reproducing a Scout magazine newsletter
    2. how to proofread a manuscript using proofreader's marks
    3. the meaning of the terms "plagiarism", "libel" and "copyright"

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