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26/12/1921 - 16/09/1998 Age 76

Life is a series of giving and taking, we take and give in return. Ken was an exception to this rule, he gave far more than he took. His whole life was made up of giving, assisting, advising and doing with great dedication.

We in the Scout Movement are honoured to have had 47 years of Ken’s services so freely offered for the benefit of the boys and adults. Ken was an outstanding example to all and lived his Scout Promise which he took in 1933 daily to the full, always offering more than his best. On behalf of the Scout Movement, I offer my sincere thanks to Ken’s wife Joey for all her support, background work and encouragement that Ken received to be able to carry out his Scouting with so many smiles and much enthusiasm. Thanks also to the rest of Ken’s family for continued support.

Ken joined the Movement as a Cub in 1930 and left as a Scout in 1939. He re-joined again in 1959 as a Lay Member, a member not in uniform, but providing vital support for the uniformed side of Scouting. For as long as I’ve been in Scouting, Ken Rochefort was always there on the thousands of many activities that took place. During this time, Ken was awarded a Long Service Medal with 30 and 40 year bars following, a Thanks Badge, Certificate of Merit and finally the Medal of Merit for outstanding service to the Movement, particularly to our Kanonkop District.

Apart from the many achievements completed by Ken during his Scouting life, we in the Movement are indebted to him as one instrumental in the erection of the 1st Bellville Scout hall. Then there’s also the ablution block at our District Glen Garry Campsite, which Ken and Fred Hill, both men well into their 60’s at the time, single handily built and completed for us to use and enjoy.

Ken was a handyman by nature, in fact there was nothing I know of that Ken could not fix, repair, get repaired or organise to be repaired. He made even the most difficult and involved job seem like no big deal and was always available to help. He carried his age well and never let this come between him and the task at hand. On occasions we had to watch out for this, because if no one stopped Ken, he would grab a spade and dig, paint and even climb onto a roof being cleaned to help get the task completed.

Ken was a great motivator, he could inspire people into activities of fun and adventure, the Kanonkop Christmas tree was one of his favourite events. He could turn a large task or job of work into an enjoyable experience for all. He was dedicated to any task and could be totally relied upon to carry out and complete anything he tackled and he always did so with great enthusiasm.

One thing that struck me about Ken was the fact that he shy’ed away from being thanked for something he had done. He had a special hand signal that always used to come up, followed by him quickly stating who else had helped or that it was more of a team effort than anything else. On the other hand again, Ken himself was quick to dish out thanks and praises where-ever due.

Ken had a wonderful cheerful personality and was a much liked person, he had the ability to strike up a conversation with anyone. All who had the pleasure of meeting Ken, enjoyed not only his company, but his presence as well. He will be dearly missed at our regular meetings, activities and especially at the many Annual General Meetings to take place shortly.

We in Scouting have lost a truly great friend. Ken has now been called to higher service and gone home, leaving us with many memories and places where his presence will still be felt by all who knew him. Ken, the entire Scout Movement salutes you for a job well done!

André Foot, DC 22.09.1998