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Kenward "Bunny" Bennington died, at Gilcape, while serving the scout movement, on Saturday 10th September 1983.

Bunny was a good scout imbued with the spirit of scouting. All of us who knew him can tell good stories involving this fascinating man who was vitally alive, a. real character.

During his adult life he evoked praise, respect and admiration for all that he did because he always did things well. A scout in the 4th Rondebosch later an A.C.M. a C.M. a very well known R.S.L. then an A.D.C. an Asst Divisional Commissioner and until his death an Asst Divisional Commissioner, Bunny had the 40 year Bar to his long service medal and was awarded the Order of the Silver Protea in 1977. During all this time he was completely involved in whatever he did. He was very active in the pack while at U.C.T. and yet graduated as a Civil Engineer 2 months after his 20th birthday. Whatever rank he held he still made a very real contribution wherever else he was needed be it Boy Training, Senior Scout Adventures, judging at competitions or Guide/Scout week-ends. Who will forget his sketches, his rhymes and puzzles - the creativity of the man was amazing.

Bunny was a practical scout but more important he lived the Scout laws. Honour - Bunny was as straight as a die. Loyal - I knew him for thirty five years and can vouch for his loyalty to his friends, his loyalty to scouting. Helpful, brotherly, courteous, kind - this was Bunny. A sense of humour - who will ever forget his property reports at the Divisional A.G.M’s ? He was hard working, not only did he plan a project but he went as far as doing the physical work himself. No job was too dirty or too menial for him to tackle. Whatever he did he was enthusiastic and he had courage. You will remember how he fought back after his stroke 18 months ago and then there was the occasion at the Winterhoek when he risked his life because some boys were in difficulty - Bunny was brave but more important, he lived the

He headed a prominent firm of Structural and. Civil Engineering Consultants and was Chairman of the Institute of Civil Engineers in 1971-72.

But go to Gilcape for it was as Chairman of the property Committee that Bunny made his most dramatic material contribution to Cape Western Scouting. He built Gilcape and of him it can truly be said "If you seek his monument, look around you."

I believe, far greater than this, is the example and influence this extra ordinary man had on those of us who knew and loved him. These memories will be passed on for we are richer for having Known him will treasure his friendship. Cape Western will never be the same without him. I will not forget my friend Ken Bennington.

Source: Cape Western Scouter Author: Area Commissioner Date: 4th quarter 1983