Leather Worker Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Leather Worker Interest Badge
  1. Describe the three methods of tanning leather. Tan a piece of raw leather.
  2. Collect samples of any four of the following kinds of leather and describe their chief characteristics and the best uses of each: calf, cowhide, goatskin, skivers, pigskin, sheepskin, steerhide and ostrich.
  3. Demonstrate your ability to do the following:
    1. tooling
    2. embossing
    3. inlay
    4. appliqué
    5. cut-out
    6. open design
    7. carving
    8. skiving
    9. lacing
    10. stitching
    11. eyelet setting
    12. finishing.
  4. Know and correctly use the following tools in leather-work:
    1. awl
    2. mallet
    3. modeller
    4. drive punch
    5. edge beveller
    6. edge creaser
    7. eyelet setter
    8. push beveller
    9. tracer
    10. leather knife and stippler
  5. Make an article in leather acceptable to the examiner which involves using at least six of the methods described in (3)

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