Linguist Scout Interest Badge

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NOTE: Carry out the following in two languages other than your home language. One of the three languages must be an official language of the country in which you reside.

Badge requirements[edit]

Linguist Interest Badge
  1. Hold a continuous meaningful conversation with another person, directing a stranger to local landmarks.
  2. Discuss topics relating to Scouting activities, demonstrating a knowledge of the most common terms used for such concepts as Patrol, camp, cooking and first aid.
  3. Translate into your home language a newspaper article of topical interest not exceeding 300 words written in another language. You may use a dictionary.
  4. Translate into both of the chosen non-mother tongue languages an instruction of no fewer than 100 words written in your home language.
  5. Describe, in both chosen non-mother tongue languages and in chronological order, the events which have taken place in a mock accident or similar incident set up by the examiner.

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