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Objective: To prepare the Cub for the Troop.

Once a Cub reaches age 10, he or she needs to get ready to move from being a Cub to a Scout, to continue along their Scouting journey. One way to ensure a smooth transition from Cubs to Scouts is to complete the Link Badge. This could take the form of a process over several weeks, or a Link Badge camp. You will only work on the Link Badge during your last two months in the Pack, and wear the badge on your Scout uniform until you pass your first Advancement Badge as a Scout.

Link Badge requirements[edit]

(Responsibility of the Troop Scouter)

  1. Attend at least three formal Troop meetings.
  2. To be completed with your Future Patrol Leader:
  3. Demonstrate correctly the Scout Salute, Scout Sign and the Left Handshake, and explain when each is used.
  4. Recite the Scout Motto.
  5. To be completed with your Troop Scouter:
  6. Repeat from memory the Scout Promise and Scout Law, and explain their meaning and how to carry them out.
  7. Show a general knowledge by talking about the life of the Founder, Lord Baden Powell of Gilwell, why he started Scouts and the spread of Scouting worldwide.
  8. Sing or recite the national anthem and briefly describe its history, recognise the South African flag and as well as the Coat of Arms.
  9. Show an understanding of your rights and responsibilities as a child and when to say “no”.

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