Master-at-Arms Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

MasterAtArms Interest Badge
  1. Demonstrate your proficiency in ONE of the following, in which you have trained and participated for at least 6 months:
    1. singlestick
    2. quarterstaff
    3. fencing
    4. boxing
    5. wrestling
    6. a recognised form of self-defence such as Judo or Karate.
    NOTE: In all the contest events you must participate in a contest under proper ring conditions.
  2. Discuss the correct training techniques, and draw up a training programme for yourself.
  3. Be able to name and demonstrate the correct methods of attack and defence. Know the contest rules, how contestants are judged and the means of scoring.
  4. Discuss the origin of the art, and its historical development. Discuss the involvement of two masters of the art - one past and one present - and the achievements of each.

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