Mechanic Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Mechanic Interest Badge
  1. Demonstrate the correct way to use the following tools:
    Screwdriver, ball peen hammer, pliers, cold chisel, centre punch, tiles (flat, round, halfround, square), hacksaw, callipers (inside and outside), rule, scriber, square and feeler gauges.
  2. Demonstrate the correct way to use the following spanners:
    Open end, spark plug, box socket, ring, and Allen key.
    Know the various types of nuts and bolts and the correct spanner to use on each.
  3. Do one of the following alternatives (A or B):

      1. Demonstrate that you understand the working of the internal combustion engine and know the names and functions of all the principal parts of a motor car engine.
      2. Demonstrate how to lubricate a motor car, including gearbox sump and back axle. Top up the battery. Check the order of firing. Clean and test the spark plugs, check and set the contact points, check and set the timing, adjust the fanbelt. Remove the engine head and demonstrate your ability to decarbonise, grind valves and adjust tappets. Replace the engine head correctly and securely.
    1. OR

    2. An equivalent test with agricultural machinery involving its operation, adjustment and maintenance

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