Model Aero Engineer Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Model Aero Engineer Interest Badge
  1. Build and fly two models. One of these models must be designed by you and the working drawings must be produced. The flying performance of the models built must meet the minimum criteria for the model type as set out below.

    Free Flight Models

    The minimum flying times for each type of free flight model are:
    1. Hand-launched glider: 30 seconds flight
    2. Glider with maximum of 50 metres of tow line: 60 seconds flight
    3. Rubber, electric, Carbon Dioxide powered glider: 60 seconds flight
    4. Engine (internal combustion) powered : 90 seconds flight (10 seconds power run)

    Scale model: 30 seconds flight

    Control Line Models

    The model must perform the following manoeuvres:
    1. Scale and stunt take-off;
    2. 2 level laps;
    3. approximately 2m high climb and dive for two laps;
    4. loop;
    5. horizontal figure-of-eight;
    6. 2 laps inverted;
    7. 2 level laps;
    8. landing.

    Radio Controlled Models

    The model must perform the following manoeuvres:
    1. Take-off or launch;
    2. right and left runs to be done flying towards and away from the pilot;
    3. climb;
    4. dive;
    5. vertical figure of eight spiral;
    6. landing.
  2. Demonstrate a knowledge of the necessity for trim on models.
  3. Be able to perform pre-flight and post-flight checks on your models.
  4. Demonstrate a knowledge of safety guidelines to ensure safe flying.

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