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03/11/1945 - 14/07/2000

There is, was and will always be without exception, without any doubt, only one Pauline … Pauline Keef, doing so much and influencing so many in such a short period in time.

Pauline had a special aura that constantly surrounded her with endless smiles, laughter and friendship, which seemed to draw all around her into a close life-long friendship of fun and sense of belonging. Pauline had the ability to turn a single idea into a spiraling enthusiastic, fun filled activity and adventure for the planners as well as all taking part. Pauline had the ability to motivate people, to inspire people into dedicated, enthusiastic and dynamic teams working together as one, and everyone wanted to be part of this team in support of a dynamic leader.

We in the Scout Movement are extremely honored to have had 32 years of Pauline’s service, the last 7 being in the Western Cape, so freely offered for the benefit of Cubs and adults. Pauline was an outstanding example to all, living her Promise to the full and always offering and doing more than her very best. On behalf of the Scout Movement, we offer our sincere thanks to Pauline’s husband Bob for all his support, background work and encouragement that Pauline received to be able to carry out her Cubbing with many smiles and a lot of enthusiasm. Thanks also to her son Matthew and Daughter Joanne for their continued support and sacrifices.

Pauline joined the movement in the United Kingdom as a Brownie in 1953, continuing onto Girl Guides in 1957 until 1962. In 1977 Pauline took on the challenge of Pack Scouter in the 1st Newton Park Cub Pack in Port Elizabeth, a position held for 10 years, overlapping in 1987-88 when she took on the position of Assistant Area Commissioner - Cub Programme as well. In 1988 Pauline moved on to Assistant Area Commissioner - Cub Programme and in 1990 Assistant Area Commissioner - Adult Leader Trainer becoming Area Commissioner Adult Leader Trainer for Cape Midlands in 1992.

Thus you can imagine the overwhelming joy for us all, when Pauline and her family moved into Cape Western Area and Pauline stepped in as Assistant District Commissioner Cub Training in the Kanonkop District, a position held from the end of 1993 to the end of 1995. In the beginning of 1995, Pauline once again overlapped her service by stepping in as Assistant Area Commissioner - Cub Programme Cape Western as well as the Assistant District Commissioner role she played until a replacement could be found. She also held the position of Adult Leader Trainer. In 1999 due to cancer causing ill health, Pauline was made an Honorary Commissioner - a life long member of The Scout Movement and she retired from her position having attained tremendous achievements. Pauline's other achievements include attaining the Cub Wood Badge, Certificate of Merit, Medal of Merit, Long Service Medal, Medal for Meritorious Conduct and Performance under extreme conditions and a 30 year Bar to the Long Service Medal.

Apart from the many achievements completed by Pauline during her Cubbing life, we in the Movement are indebted to her as being instrumental in initiating the Annual Kanonkop Cub Camp which takes place regularly now, offering Scouters and Cubs the opportunity to ‘pool resources’ in giving Cubs camping. Pauline was also instrumental in firmly establishing the Annual Kanonkop District Scouts Own, now held regularly. At Area level, the bi-annual ‘Team Scream’ get together of all Pack Scouters, as well as the Area See-o-nees have become well attended, roaring successes. These foundations were all firmly laid by Pauline and due to her overwhelming enthusiasm and encouragement, accepted as the norm and way to go.

Pauline's leadership ability could turn a large task or job of work into an enjoyable experience for all. She was extremely dedicated and could be totally relied upon to carry out and complete anything she tackled with great, inspiring enthusiasm. Pauline had a wonderful cheerful personality and was extremely well liked and loved by all she came into contact with. All who had the pleasure of meeting Pauline, enjoyed not only her company and overwhelming friendship, but her presence as well. Pauline has and will be dearly missed by us all.

We in Scouting have lost a truly great companion and friend. Pauline has now been called to higher service and gone home, leaving many of us with many happy memories and places where her presence will still be felt. Pauline, the entire Scout Movement salutes you for a job well done!

PAULINE … has 'gone home'

Thursday 20 July 2000 at the All Saints Anglican Church in Durbanville, a sad day for many as we said our final goodbye to Pauline. The service had been pre-prepared 'from Pauline with love' and this it truly was. Each time I think of Pauline, I can only but wonder, have we not all been touched by an Angel?

Mention Cape Western Pack Scouters to anyone and instantly Pauline comes to mind. Pauline was the Assistant Area Commissioner-Cub Programme for Cape Western and Scouting was very much part of her life. Even when, because of her illness, she was unable to take an active part, she requested that she be kept informed of everything happening.

One of her Scouting dreams had been to run Pow Wow, but when this was postponed for a year due to the World Scout Conference being held in South Africa, this became impossible. However, we built on the brain-storming and mind set which she initiated at last year's Team Scream and she joined us minute-by-minute as she followed our programme from her bed. Ironically, it was at the previous Pow Wow (1997) that she was alerted to the fact that health wise all was not well.

One of the Pauline's qualities which will be remembered by all who knew her was her ability to give, give and give without ever asking in return. She has been an inspiration to us all and her Scouting light will continue to burn even though she has 'gone home'. Our condolences to her husband Bob, son Matthew and daughter Joanne.